VING Project


VING Project is an organization that helps teenagers get involved in a community and help people in need of food, shelter and other necessities.

Although the piece is done digitally, some of its elements, such as the marker texture, is organic. This gives it a hand-drawn nature while still being able to do much animation and movement without needing to physically film things being drawn.

Initial Concept

With script provided, a concept document was written with each step of the storyline in order to illustrate how the video would bring the script to life.

This was accompanied with initial quick sketches to give an idea of what something might look.



After working with the client in tweaking the story, the Storyboards were provided to show panel-by-panel how the video, visually, would carry out.


Due to the stylistic nature of the piece, the Storyboards were a useful visual guide for the final piece.